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In the Owls class we really enjoy learning about topics through lots of practical learning experiences reinforced with pictures, Makaton signs, words, symbols and real objects.


Every morning the children take part in a Physical, Conductive Education session, to develop each child's fine and gross motor skills, run by class teams and our Physiotherapy staff. This is followed by a phonics, reading and/or communication session. After break, the children have a practical maths lesson. The afternoons are for Topic work or Independence sessions.

Every term we have a Science week and an RE week.


This term our topic is Castles.

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Overview of the Topic:  This term the children will learn about life in Tudor castles. The children will use a range of sources of information (-symbols, pictures, internet, books, stories, images) to help them learn about Henry VIII and his 6 wives. They will record their findings in a variety of ways. The children will learn about Tudor music, dance, clothes, as well as reinacting stories from today and the past. The children will read the teaxt 'Hal the Hero.' 


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