Pupils usually come into school in EYFS/ KS1.  By the time they reach KS4 and P16 they have a pathway of learning to suit their learning style and academic ability. This is determined and discussed collaboratively throughout their time in school and remains flexible.  

Accredited options are regularly reviewed to reflect the needs of each cohort of pupils. The curriculum emphasis is a personalised pathway tailored to meet the needs of each individual pupil.  The curriculum aims are achieved throughout day educational and further enhanced and taught in residential.  Teachers and residential staff work together to ensure that provision is seamless and of the highest quality, overcoming barriers to learning and promoting choice and independence at every opportunity. 


Level 1 and 2 pupils will be completing GCSEs and may use their time in residential to revise. They will also access  some or all of the following:

First Aid or Food Hygiene Certificates and ASDAN Short Courses in different vocational areas, L1 ASDAN Life Skills Challenges.  Modeul 4 of their Certificate of Personal Effectiveness will also be completed whilst at Residential.   


For our pupils working at Entry Level 1/2/3; they have an opportunity to complete ASDAN Bronze/Silver/Gold award and some Personal Progress, ASDAN Towards Independence or AQA Unit Award modules as appropriate. 


Pre Entry pupils have the opportunity to develop their skills and experiences through an individualised programme of ASDAN Personal Progress and Towards Independence Modules and the AQA Unit Award Scheme. Their curriculum is focused on overcoming barriers to learning and maximising communication, choice and independence. 



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