Distance Learning

We are focused on the education and SEND provision for all of our pupils here at Hebden Green.  This includes learning remotely.

We ensure that our pupils receive a distance learning offer that is aligned to the curriculum and to every child's targets identified within their EHCP.

To ensure that we support families from the moment of need we:

  • Share IEP activities designed to support individual continuous progression at home
  • Share distance learning aligned with curriculum content
  • Communicate regularly through phone calls and emails to support wellbeing
  • Use Pathway specific systems to respond to learning and feedback
  • Deliver physical resources and equipment to the home
  • Liaise with multiagency teams to continue provision 

At every point we work with families to ensure that they, and their child, is supported.  

To talk further about distance learning, please contact Stacey Sawicki by email: ssawicki@hebdengreen.cheshire.sch.uk

Below are links to general activities to support learning.  For more pathway specific links, please contact Stacey, above.


Oxford Owls

Oxford Owls is free online reading books that are banded based on the reading levels of your child.  Please click on the link below to register.


Top Marks

Top Marks is a website that contains interactive resources and worksheets.  Pease click on the link below.



TTS is offering free activity packs for learning at home.  Please click on the link below



Free English and Maths Learning Packs.  Please click on the link below



Free cross-curricular home learning journeys.  Please click on the link below.


The Improvised Approach

Free music resources for pupils with SLD and PMLD.  Please click on the link below.



One free year for teachers (can access 6 for free without signing up) animated books online.  Please click on the link below


Widgit Online

Free 21 day trial of symbols and templates.  Please click on the link below


Board Maker

Free 30 day trial for symbols and activity maker.  Currently the main method of symbol creation in school.  Please click on the link below.


Early Years Resources

350 free downloadable activities for Early Year Pupils.  Please click the link below



Support with learning and revision for pupils across all age ranges.  Please click on the link below.



Daily images to promote discussion with suggested activities.  Please click on the link below


Phonics Play

Online phonics games and activities, including worksheets.  Please click on the link below


Roald Dahl

Free activity packs to do at home.  Please click on the link below.



Selected stories for free for the whole family.  Please click on the link below


The Sensory Projects

Links to a number of websites to support pupils with Severe Learning needs or PMLD.  Please click on the link below




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