Independence Flats

We have two flats available for pupils who are aiming to live independently or with minimal support.

The flats are available to a small number of students for whom independent living or supported independent living is an achievable aim, as identified by the staff, the young people and their families, and is recognised as an outcome of their Education, Health and Care Plan or Statement of Special Educational Needs.  These students are responsible for looking after their own health, they have all received basic first aid training (delivered in house by teaching staff) and have a member of staff on call.

The young people have access to a small budget each week with which they have to prepare and cook their own meals.  Teaching staff work with them in lessons looking at how to rota activities and problem solving potential difficult situations. They will also have opportunities to order in take away food, or access local cafes/ restaurants and pubs. They will be expected to work within a budget and to organise transport. 

Another important aspect of independent living is an ability to organise your daily routine. The students will be expected to get up at appropriate time, to take care of their personal hygiene, wash clothes, towels  and bedding, clean the flat and then get themselves ready for school by 8.30. Residential gives students a quiet, focused environment in which to complete their GCSE/ A Level homework, revision and independent study.  They have access to a range of hardware and software such as iPads, adapted keyboards and high speed Wi-Fi. 

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