What are Pathways?

We use the term Pathways to help explain how we break down our curriculum and provision for the needs of all of our  pupils. We have a diverse range of need at Hebden Green and so need a flexible curriculum approach which is tailored for the needs of individuals and can accommodate fluctuations in terms of progress and can allow groups of pupils to sit formal qualifications when required. 

The Pathway approach is based on the outcomes of pupils' Education, Health and Care Plans and is focused on their objectives as they move forward to the next stage in their lives.


What happens on entry to Hebden Green School?

Pupils aged 2 – 7 will enter our Foundation Stage where we provide a caring, stimulating and creative environment that ensures that every child’s early school experiences are happy and rewarding. Our prime areas of focus are communication and language, personal, social and emotional development and the promotion of physical skills.

Initially pupils are grouped according to age into small class groups. The aim of the Foundation Stage is to give children the skills they need to thrive in the future, the ability to learn and engage, the ability to communicate with others and the ability to be as independent as possible.

At the end of Year 2, pupils will move into one of our three Pathways linked to their individual learning and social needs and preferred learning style.


Pathway 1

This offers a curriculum which focuses on four core areas: communication; cognition; physical development and independence.  

It rests on skills based teaching through a multi sensory and multi professional approach with education, care and therapies blended seamlessly into provision.

Pathway 2

Within this Pathway the curriculum is individualised for the needs of pupils including communication, personal and social development. Teaching is also centred around enhancing their independence and physical skills. Pupils may, for example, use PECS, communication aids or have access to small group emotional literacy support.

Pathway 3

This is a formal, subject based curriculum taught by specialist teachers at secondary level and is based on mainstream expected levels of progress alongside additional therapy support from nurses, Speech and Language Therapists and physiotherapists. Pupils may sit formal qualifications such as GCSEs and will be expected to work towards employment and/ or further training at a mainstream college.

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