Physical Wellbeing

Keeping physically active is an important part of maintaining ou physical and emotional wellbeing.  In times when pupils cannot access the school site it can be difficult to find ways to keep them active and engaged.  We know that our pupils have a range of needs and abilities and therefore physical activity will look different for every child.  Below are some general links for activities and resources.  We will also begin to add more specific activities to promote activity for our more physically complex pupils.


General Activities and Links

Premier League Primary Stars

Free activities, games and support to keep children active and learning at home.  Please click on the link below,14108,4U7QT3,3WJHS,1


Hundreds of free videos created to improve mindfulness and physical wellbeing.  Please click the link below.


Less than 10 minute yoga sessions on Youtube.  Please click on the link below.







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