Reading and Phonics

Reading and Phonics Curriculum

At Hebden Green we use a systematic, synthetic approach to teaching phonics. Pupils are taught within their class groups and access the curriculum at their individual level. We believe that phonics is only a small part of our whole provision and are confident to enable our pupils to access and develop a reading approach which is appropriate and pertinent to themselves and their future learning and needs. Reading and phonics are promoted throughout pupils’ daily routines allowing for opportunities to learn within specific skills based sessions, across the curriculum holistically and within child initiated activities which focus on applying skills and knowledge into many different environments and across varying contexts.

After considerable evaluation of practice and research into outstanding literacy provisions for pupils with additional needs we believe here at Hebden Green we have been able to implement a reading curriculum which sees and values meaningful reading opportunities for our vast range of pupils; from those working in the earliest of developmental stages through to those accessing the curriculum at and near age norms; from those who have spoken language as their primary method of communication, those who access a variety of AAC approached to those using the most advanced technology to communicate.

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