Meals And Snacks

Our school is dedicated to providing an environment that promotes healthy eating and enabling pupils to make informed choices about the food they eat. The nutritional principles of our policies are based on the School Food Trust and School Food Standards 2014.  All food is cooked and prepared on the premises, using fresh local produce when available. We pay the highest regard to food standards; our current rating is 5/5. 


The school understands that snacks can be an important part of the diet of young people and can contribute positively towards a balanced diet. The school discourages the consumption of snacks high in fat and sugar at break-time unless as part of a high calorie diet (usually following advice from a dietician and/ or the school nursing team).

There is a small menu available at break times in the morning for all pupils which includes crumpets, toast, yoghurts, fruit, fruit juice and lower fat milk.  Some pupils may also have a small snack in the afternoon such as a piece of fruit or plain biscuit. This can be ordered through a paper based system (snack menus are sent home via a letter) and paid for either by cheque/ cash or online.  If you require further details either ring school or contact Lisa Cliffe on


Packed lunches prepared by the school caterers adhere to the National Nutritional Standards for Healthy School Lunches where appropriate. The school encourages parents and carers to provide children with packed lunches that complement these standards and following any nutritional guidance from their dietician/ the school nurse.  School staff including the school nursing team, work closely with parents and families to ensure that a balanced packed lunch is provided.

We have a menu which includes seasonal British favourites as well as food from around the world such as tacos, paella and curry. We have themed days or themed weeks linked to the cultural calendar - for example we may have a Chinese themed menu linked to Chinese New Year. The menu changes with the seasons and is available to download below.

Individual care plans are created for pupils with food allergies.  These document symptoms and adverse reactions, actions to be taken in an emergency, and emergency contact details. We ask that parents and families inform us of any allergies and intolerances or any changes to a plan.  

Many of the pupils at Hebden Green School are not orally fed. This is recorded in their Care Plan and is written in consultation with the nursing team and with the advice of the Speech and Language Therapist.  Other pupils also have an eating and drinking programme which records the texture of food and drink and any techniques for staff, including specialised equipment. These programmes are written by the Speech and Language Therapist in conjunction with other health professionals and are to minimise the risk of choking and, aspiration.

Other Meals

Breakfast is an important meal that should provide 25% of a child’s energy requirement and contribute significantly to their vitamin and mineral requirements.  As the majority of the pupils arrive at school via a taxi and some have a long journey before school starts, a breakfast club is not always an option. Instead, school provide toast and porridge, low fat milk and fruit if a child or young person needs to eat before their learning begins. 

Evening meals are eaten in Residential. The menus are available below. All meals are cooked on the premisies, there is uually a choiuce of a cooked meal, a sandwich, soup or a jacket potato. Dietary requirements and food allergies/ intolerances can be catered for. 

Free School Meals

If you think you may be entitled to claim free meals for your child, you can check your eligibility and make an application by contacting the Free School Meals Team on:

0300 123 7039

We have a new system to help you pay for your child’s school meals. Please click below for a user guide (New Parent User Guide).

School Money

Payments for school lunches, snacks and educational visits can now be paid online. Please visit and log into your childs account.

To obtain a password, please contact the school admin team who will be happy to help. 

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