Sub Committees


We have four sub committees which meet each term and report back at the Full Governors' Meeting.  These are:


Pupil Learning Sub Group

Finance Sub Group

Keeping Pupils Safe Sub Group

Residential Sub Group


The membership of each of these will be updated after the first full meeting in October 2016.



Pupil Learning Sub Group

Pupil data and attainment.

The curriculum (including Pathways) and extra curricular activities.

Compasrisons between pupils and differnt groups of pupils.

Links with health and holistic learning.

EHCPs and IEPs


Finance Sub Group

Whole school budget

Pupil premium and grants

Major projects

Staff recruitment and staffing in general

Contratcs and managing the site


Keeping Pupils Safe Sub Group

Safeguarding pupils including the PREVENT agenda (anti radicalisation and extremism) and Child Sexual Exploitation

Risk assessment and manual handling

Safer recrtuitment

Behaviour and wellbeing


Residential Sub Group

Care Plans

National Minimum Standards

Residential Ofsted

EHCP and IEP links

Curriculum and Pathways links

Residential environment

Behaviour and safety in residential


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