At Hebden Green School we have a team of governors that work as volunteers to support the school.  Their role is to support and challenge the Headteacher, to help set the vision and strategic direction of the school and to ensure that our school is the very best it could be.


Governors have a wide range of responsibilities.  These include tasks such as:

  • Ensuring that the school meets its legal responsibilities
  • Reviewing and approving the school budget
  • Making decisions about the school building and premises
  • Setting school policies
  • Appointing staff and making decisions about current staffing
  • Looking at how well groups of pupils are performing and ensuring action is taken if there are any concerns.


The Governing  Body meets at least once every term.  A range of subcommittee meetings also take place at least once per term. During these meetings Governors look at a wide range of information to find out how well the school is performing.


Our Governing Body meetings are usually held in the daytime to facilitate child care for some of our members. Many of our Governors attend training sessions to ensure they are up to date with changes in schools and education and also go into school to meet with the Headteacher, other members of staff and pupils to help them find out how the school is progressing towards its targets.

If you wish to know more, or are interested in becoming a governor, please contact Lisa Cliffe, Clerk to the Governors on 01606 594221 or at lcliffe@hebdengreen.cheshire.sch.uk

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