Feedback and Parent View

Parent View gives you the chance to tell us what you think about Hebden Green School.

Parent View asks for your opinion on 12 aspects of the school, from the quality of teaching, to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour. Where applicable, it also asks for your opinion on five aspects of your child’s residential experience. Ofsted will use the information you provide when making decisions about which schools to inspect, and when.

By sharing your views, you’ll be helping us to improve. You will also be able to see what other parents have said about Hebden Green School. Or, if you want to, view the results for any school in England.



Feedback from everyone who is part of school is vital to us.  We make sure to listen every day to feedback from pupils, parents and staff and work with them to continually improve our offer.  We also do it formally through our lively Pupil Council, through suvey and questionnaires and during observations. 

Pupil Feedback:

· ‘I love doing circle time.’ (KS2)

· ‘I like it when we do role play-when we get up and act.’ (KS3)

· ‘I enjoy mathletics, wheelchair rugby and computer club.’ (KS3)

· ‘I need to work on my reading.’ (KS3)

· ‘I know my targets and how to work hard.’ (KS3)

· ‘ I enjoy school because we get to do reading.’ (KS3)

· ‘I enjoy school because of my friends and teaching assistants.’ (KS3)

· ‘I like R.E. and Mathletics.’ (KS3)

· ‘I like school because I get to be with my friends. I like the opportunities that it provides me.’ (KS3)

· ‘I like I’m progressing, especially in Maths.’ (KS3)

· ‘We have curriculum targets which are in our books and IEP targets on the desks.’ (KS3)

· ‘I feel like I can speak to all the staff.’ (KS3)

· ‘I like it because I get better at stuff like writing and spelling.’ (KS3)

· ‘I enjoy lessons linked Science, Drama and also Art.’ (KS3)

· ‘I am learning stuff every day.’ (Post 16)

· ‘I enjoy Bronze work and the allotment project.’ (Post 16)

· ‘I can talk to Mrs Parkes about safeguarding.’ (KS3)

· ‘My target is to use teacher and peer feedback to improve me work by adding more content.’ (KS3)

· ‘I know I am making progress in English as we are learning about Macbeth.’ (Post 16)

· ‘I do enjoy school because I like learning new things and improving on skills I already have.’ (Post 16)

· ‘I do feel safe in school and the Residential flats.’ (Post 16)

· ‘I enjoy school because the staff and pupils make the school what it is.’ (Post 16)


Parent Feedback 2021:

- 100% of families agree their child is happy in school

- 100% of families feel school has high expectations for their child

- 100% of families feel their child feels safe in school

- 99% of families tell us they think their child makes good progress at school

- 99% of families agree that school inform them well of what their child is learning

- 100% of families would recommend the school to another parent

'Fantastic school great staff members the teachers are brilliant flawless my son loves it here and he will flourish too with the support from the fab teachers and staff I highly recommend this school to anyone whom has children with special needs”

“We all love this school and don't want my son to leave! Support for parents is amazing too.”

“My child feels so happy, safe and valued at school that returning after three months at home has been incredibly easy - amazing, thank you.”

“An excellent provider of not just education, but so much more for its students”

“I cannot thank you enough for the difference that you have made to my son's learning. We have seen such a massive change in him since he joined Hebden in September. He is now engaging much more at home and is much calmer and settled - it's almost as though you have now given him a sense of purpose again as well as helping him to work on his independence.”


Staff Feedback:

‘I build relationships through conversations and mutual respect.’

‘The provision is outstanding thanks to streaming via Pathways.’

‘My knowledge and understanding has improved over the last 12 months through sharing knowledge from colleagues and training.’

‘I think my own knowledge and understanding has improved through staff training, meetings and applying my skills and understanding in every day practice.’

‘I have worked to build strong relationships through good communication – verbally, communication books and meetings.’

‘Professional relationships have been built through team work to understand each child’s needs.’

‘My knowledge has improved greatly due to the help and guidance of my class teacher and class team.’

‘I build strong relationships through talking and listening to parents.’

‘All pupil’s needs are met via IEP targets.’

‘We adopt a number of strategies and approaches to promote learning for every pupil. We find strategies that meet the individual needs of children and provide challenge.’

‘Pupils receive personalised learning and approaches. The approaches are positive and build on achievement and progress.’

‘All aspects of pupil wellbeing are considered. Support at pupil and family level is given.’

‘I have ongoing development opportunities both within HGS and externally.’

‘ I have worked professionally with staff, parents and pupils in order to safeguard myself and others.’

‘The curriculum is personalised to include every child and work is differentiated to suit the needs of each child. Pupils and staff are valued and the right level of support is given.’

‘Hebden Green provides outstanding education because it pays attention to the pupil’s needs and scrutiny of strategies and approaches. Constant evaluation is visible. The pupils are valued and reminded of that fact. They are at the centre of the learning process.’

‘In my last 6 months I have experienced great personal growth.’

‘I have a good, reciprocal working relationship with all professionals and open dialogue with parents.’

‘I have a lot of knowledge and experience which has been built up over many years.’

‘I have learned a completely new set of skills in working with pupils with ASC.’

‘I am willing to take and share information at all levels. When I need assistance I have the confidence to ask.’

‘I am enjoying the in house training on a Monday night which is covering lots of relevant training for particular pupils I am currently working with.’

‘We make sure we work within all school policies.’

‘I am so pleased to be part of such an effective, warm and forward thinking school.’




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