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Apollo is a class of pupils working towards adulthood.  They work incredibly hard to learn how to be independent as well as improve their core curriculum skills like English and Maths. Apollo are working towards a range of qualifications to support their transition into adulthood.  Please see the attached Learning Overview which provides links to websites and activities  

Below is a link to Mathletics which every pupil has an individual login.  This individual login will have been sent to each family.  If there are any questions, completed work or additonal requests, please email reception@hebdengreen.cheshire.sch.uk or phone 01606 594221 and we will contact the class teacher.

There will be regular updates to this page for further work and activities.  Our Facebook page will notify you of these.

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Additional links


Twinkl is an online teaching resource that provides resources, lesson plans and resources.  They are offering a free month's membership. Please click on the link below and use the code UKTWINKLHELPS


Oxford Owls

Oxford Owls is free online reading books that are banded based on the reading levels of your child.  Please click on the link below to register.


Top Marks

Top Marks is a website that contains interactive resources and worksheets.  Pease click on the link below.


Clicker 8

Clicker 8 is an accessible word processing programme that also contains excellent resources.  They are offering free access.  Please click on th link below



Free cross-curricular home learning journeys.  Please click on the link below.



One free year for teachers (can access 6 for free without signing up) animated books online.  Please click on the link below


Widgit Online

Free 21 day trial of symbols and templates.  Please click on the link below



Support with learning and revision for pupils across all age ranges.  Please click on the link below.



Daily images to promote discussion with suggested activities.  Please click on the link below


Phonics Play

Online phonics games and activities, including worksheets.  Please click on the link below



Careers Resources

Live Learn

Shows live videos about various careers. Parents and students can register for free.


START Profile

All pupils have logins for this website.  Please email info@hebdengreen.cheshire.sch.uk if login details are needed.  Please click on the link below.


Bitesize - Careers

Activities and videos for careers.  Please click on the link below.







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